Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Ric Kaestner - Music For Massage I (1982)

A masterpiece tape album from obscure early narada subdivision Antiquity Records. Warm minimalist synth drones,
sound effects, bamboo flute, prepared piano on a 60-minute medidative and psychedelic journey. Similar to early
Steve Roach or Hiroshi Yoshimura.



doroskedeho hat gesagt…

please please repost, from japan

Background Information hat gesagt…

Superb and relaxing. Zen music in a western sensibility.

This guy should re-release this on cd or at least on I-Tunes.

So much good music like this needs some continuity in a world filled with mindless pop drivel.

This soothes the senses like a clear brook fills its surroundings with tranquility and hope!

Thanks a bunch!!

Roph hat gesagt…

almost all links online again!