Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Iasos - Crystal Love (1979)

Iasos - Crystal Love (1979)

Another great Work by Iasos.

A very special treat deserves track B. Its one of the few and most powerful achievments in music
linked to topics like "Heimatliebe" in the german language, a spiritual bond towards earth in a
sense of nativity (eg Indian spiritualism), the highest form of love beyond the low-level energy
form of emotion in a high grade state of pure knowledge and wisdom. The music allows you, in a
way of mantra like repetation in your mind, even when you are not actually listening to it, to
channel into this field of sub-conscious memory.

"Oh, How Deeply Do I Love You"

Other recommendations:

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Label: Inter-Dimensional Music, Galaxia Creations, Aquamarin
Catalog#: CL-CD, CL-CD, CL-CD
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 1979
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Ambient


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J.Scam hat gesagt…

Hey, love the blog. I was hoping you could re-upload IASOS - Crystal Love, since the megaupload link is no longer available. It would incredibly appreciated, as Crystal Love is supremely rare and I can't find it anywhere. Thank you!