Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016

Anthony Rother - Netzwerk der Zukunft (2014)

Stunning release from German Electro master himself...

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

His Divine Grace - Die Schlangenkönigin (2003) CD

Das Schmerzhafte und das Sehnsüchtige sind doch stets allem anderen, dem Degenerierten und Nichtigen überlegen...

How pity such magnificent works not seen they way to analog format. It is a rare occasion where a creation of (at last partly) electronic composition reached the heights of the few survived maestros of contemporatry classical such as arvo pärt, benjamin britten, gabriel fauré, steve reich, erik satie or peter michael hamel. Another output of the ordre du nouvel homme movement from the now vanished gigabrother fame that is emotionally profoud beyond description. Something which not pays any price needed to "be art" and therefore becomes something "artificial", synthetic - a fact that makes the most intense, exotic, fragrant and colourful flowers to grow mostly in "underground" circles, seldom in the over-cultivated "art-scene".


Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

Various - Ambient Rituals 2 Trip Into Dub (1995) CD

OK this time we have one of the pretty neat Hypnotic CD's.
This featuring some Dub pearls not to be found elsewhere
like "The Shroud" from Huren (famous for his industrial
and techno outputs on the Zhark Label) a big mystery and
released 4 years prior to other stuff and is a little bit different
than the shorter vinyl track from 1999. Absolute bliss and spacey...
Also there is a bit of industrial dub from Controlled Bleeding.


=> There will be more 90's chillout / ambient / dub / trance etc. following in july / august and some additional stuff from the 80's <=

Thank you followers!

Roph (Mike)


Various - Return To Technology - 10 Years Of Technology Sounds (1998) 2CD

I Know Boy Records since the early 90's from the Techno Trax Samplers on ZYX. And I'm a Fan indeed, it is one of the big german techno legends. On this sampler, you can find excellent stuff not released elsewhere like Greenforce's Dune, an absolute space trance killer (11min), happy rave from Alien Factory, emotional trance from Unison chillout from Time Modem and Andreas Leifeld, a pretty minimal track from ASR, acid from Gyromantika + Acid Warrior (killer 8min) or Freddy Fresh, strange stuff like Solitair + 20 Eyes or Ian Pooley and many more...
Overall one of the best electronic double albums ever made with so much to discover...


Unit 793 - Warfearth (2012) Blog Mix

Mix I've made in 2012. Listen Loud!