Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Cyrille Verdeaux & Bernhard Xolotl - Prophecy (1981)

Collaboration between the two french electronic musicians.
Copied from original demo tape.

A1 Star Gulls (5:30)
A2 Future Seas (3:20)
A3 Drifting Tides (13:50)
A4 Indian Loop (7:05)
A5 Prophecy (24:00)


Cyrille Verdeaux - Nocturnes Digitales (1981)

Seminal release from French electronic/prog master and former Clearlight member Cyrille Verdeaux.
First track is an 1/2 Hour tour de force on solo piano, done in typical prog-rock style,
also remarkable is track three which consists of complex structures of dark ambient and drones.
Unlike anything you ever heard!