Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Tom Toelle - Das Millionenspiel (1970)

This Day it's time to share on of the most disturbing films ever made.
Unavaiability both on the Net as well as the classic hardware (Video/DVD)
urge to share this with others.
Based on a short story by Robert Sheckley "The Prize of Peril" this is Media criticism at it's highest level.
A haunting dystopia is unfolding in this Thriller, where the Media has become
the faceless devouring creature which will not stop at the borders of violence and blood to satisfy the hunger of the consumer.
This film features german Dieter Thomas Heck in an unplayed role as showmaster,
as well as comedian Dieter Hallervorden as ruthless killer.
Soundtrack by krautrock fame Can.
HQ-TV Capture, German, no subs.
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Sonntag, 20. September 2009

Peter Michael Hamel - The Arrow Of Time / The Cycle Of Time (1991)

Strong release on the legendary German Kuckuck label (Celestial Harmonies).
Peter Michael Hamel shows his skills on a piece he has written for orchestra,
mostly strings. The result is an unsurpassed achievement, a progressive
symphony with captivating sonic images.
Label: Kuckuck
Catalog#: 11093-1
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1991
Genre: Classical, Rock
Style: Krautrock, Post-Modern


Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

Taku Iwasaki - Kekkaishi Original Soundtrack (2007)

Diverse Anime soundtrack album by a definitive
Master of Japanese Film Music.
A real listening adventure you won't miss.
Discovered a few days ago.
Label: Giza Studio
Catalog#: GZCA-5101
Format: CD, Album
Country: Japan
Released: 18 Apr 2007
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Stage & Screen
Style: Leftfield, New Age, Minimal, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Conscious, J-pop, Modern Classical, Vocal, Soundtrack, Score, Goa Trance,
Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Electro, Abstract, Experimental
Credits: Written-by, Arranged By, Producer, Programmed By, Piano [Acoustic], Keyboards - Taku Iwasaki


Dienstag, 8. September 2009

Various - Anthology: Volume One - Give Me Wings (1977)

Obscure private release. Mix of transcendental sound waves
consisting of post-hippie psychedelia, ballads, gospel,
folk rock and similar. Features early recordings from
Laura Allan. Absolutely strange and other-worldly.


Don Slepian - Rhythm Of Life (1982)

Electronic Music For Movement.
From acoustic instrument waves to cyclic deep synth
loops, Don, a gifted pioneer of synthesis, takes us on a journey
deep in space and trance. Cassette only.


P. Odermatt - Untitled Landscape (2009)

P. Odermatt. - Untitled Landscape (2009)

Yesterday I acquired my first work of art.
This impressive mountain scenery was made
by P. Odermatt, not a professional but very skilled
artist I became acquainted with a few days ago.

Acrylic on canvas, 60x80cm. Made Sept. 2009.

Please do not alter or copy these scans!

Leave me a message, if you are interestet in
the digital use of this image or if you want to
get in contact with the artist. Thank you!


Sonntag, 6. September 2009

Matthew Lien - All Albums (1989-2008)

Matthew Lien - All Albums (1989-2008)

Discography of Canadian Mulitinstrumentalist and Composer.
From "Music To See By (Unicorn)" to "Adventures in the Hakka Heartland"
you get everything of this amazing musician!
Bleeding Wolves (CD, Album) Whispering Willows 1995 ▼
Confluence (CD, Album) Wind Music 1997 ▼
Caribou Commons (CD, Album) Wind Music 1999 ▼
Voyage To Paradise (CD, Album) Wind Music 1999 ▼
Touching The Earth (CD, Album) Wind Music 2000 ▼
In So Many Words (CD, Album) Whispering Willows 2001 ▼
Unicorn (CD, Album, RE) Wind Music 2003 ▼
A Journey Of Water (2xCD, Album) Wind Music 2005 ▼
Arctic Refuge (CD, Album) Wind Music 2005 ▼
Moving Through Twilight (4xCD, Album) Wind Music 2007 ▼
Adventures In The Hakka Heartland (CD, Album) Wind Music 2008 ▼

Part I
Part II

Cyrille Verdeaux - Love & Ecstasy (1980)

Another great Album by Verdeaux. Deep into kraut/psychedelia and dark drones.
Copy from a pre-release demo tape.

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Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

Cyrille Verdeaux & Bernhard Xolotl - Prophecy (1981)

Collaboration between the two french electronic musicians.
Copied from original demo tape.

A1 Star Gulls (5:30)
A2 Future Seas (3:20)
A3 Drifting Tides (13:50)
A4 Indian Loop (7:05)
A5 Prophecy (24:00)


Cyrille Verdeaux - Nocturnes Digitales (1981)

Seminal release from French electronic/prog master and former Clearlight member Cyrille Verdeaux.
First track is an 1/2 Hour tour de force on solo piano, done in typical prog-rock style,
also remarkable is track three which consists of complex structures of dark ambient and drones.
Unlike anything you ever heard!