Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

His Divine Grace - Die Schlangenkönigin (2003) CD

Das Schmerzhafte und das Sehnsüchtige sind doch stets allem anderen, dem Degenerierten und Nichtigen überlegen...

How pity such magnificent works not seen they way to analog format. It is a rare occasion where a creation of (at last partly) electronic composition reached the heights of the few survived maestros of contemporatry classical such as arvo pärt, benjamin britten, gabriel fauré, steve reich, erik satie or peter michael hamel. Another output of the ordre du nouvel homme movement from the now vanished gigabrother fame that is emotionally profoud beyond description. Something which not pays any price needed to "be art" and therefore becomes something "artificial", synthetic - a fact that makes the most intense, exotic, fragrant and colourful flowers to grow mostly in "underground" circles, seldom in the over-cultivated "art-scene".


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