Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

New And Pending Tape Entries

We have here:
Mike Rowland: Silver Wings 1985/88 Elfin/Oreade/Antiquity UK/CH/US
___ Soothing calm music on piano and synth strings, classic material.
Michael Jones: Windsong Piano Solos Antiquity 1982 US
___ Experimental precedessor to Wind & Whispers (1985) limited tape only.
David & Amanda Hughes: Flowers From The Silence 1980/84 Private/Narada
___ Obscure and non-electronic drone tape.
Various: Gypsy Soul 199 Virgin Narada IND US
___ Indian tape edition, ethno jazz and neofolk.
Coyote Oldman: Compassion 199 Independent US
Clement & Deschamps: Wolfsong Night 199 Chacra CA
Hadley Hockensmith: Heartsongs 198 Meadowlark US
___ New Age Fusion
Don Slepian & Joan Fericy: The Strawberry Candle 198 Private
___ A new age fairytale for every age with a computer sound track by a veteran of electronic music.
Gary Knox: Life At The Beach 1989 Search For Serenity US
___ Fusion jazz album.
Paul Winter: Wolf Eyes 1989 Living Music US
___ Compilation from over 25 years of musical creation.
Hearts To The Sun: 199 US
___ American indian tribal ritual music, synths and drums.
Gomer Edwin Evans: Fisch 198 Neptun DE
___ Therapy music, an early work from a best-selling composer.
Bernie Krause: Equator 198 The Nature Company US
___ Another pioneer in electronics between his music and his field recording era.
Iasos: Essence Of Spring 1981 Galaxia US
___ A master at work, flute, synth, harp, field recordings.
Nigel Holton: After The Clouds 199 US
___ New electronic fusion, similar to Hearts Of Space label.
Sandelan: Divine Harmony 198? Aquamarin DE
___ German artist on the important Aquamrin label (Wiese, Khan)
Uruk-Hai: Of Elves And Man 2009 Depressive Illusions UKR
___ Space ambient.
Paul Lloyd-Warner: To Maui With Love 198 Miracle Of Dolphins US
___ Solo piano with hints of minimalism and free improvisation.


Anonym hat gesagt…

great! Been looking forward to this:)

gd hat gesagt…

please upload Essence of Spring first! thanks!